Thurrock Development Corporation has recently published its Thurrock Regeneration Plan.

This sets out the challenges of delivering 18,500 new homes and 26,000 jobs by 2021, of creating sustainable communities and in addressing pockets of extreme deprivation in Thurrock. It describes the planning processes and environmental work undertaken by the Development Corporation to ensure that homes, jobs and other interventions will be delivered in the right places and in the right amounts in order to secure sustainable regeneration.

The Thurrock Regeneration Plan provides an overview of the policy framework produced to-date, with all the Master Plans for the Borough completed in June 2010. It sets out the goals reached and those to be achieved by 2021. It also details the extensive consultation and engagement undertaken with local residents and businesses in Thurrock in producing its planning policy documentation of Master Plans, Development Briefs and Design Briefs. 

Both low and high resolution versions of the Thurrock Regeneration Plan can be downloaded below:

Copies are also available at your nearest Thurrock library.