Local organisations and the general public want to see Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (TTGDC) continue its work in Thurrock, according to findings published by Communities and Local Government  (CLG) last week.

The findings, collected during the review of Urban Development Corporations held by CLG between June and September last year, show that of 39 organisations giving views on the future of the TTGDC, 31 believed it should remain with no change.  CLG has since decided that TTGDC should become part of the national Homes and Communities Agency.

“The majority of respondents … felt there remained a unique role for a UDC in Thurrock,” says the CLG report and that “to introduce any major structural change at this point would undermine the personal relationships…built with the private sector.”

Those responding to the survey thought TTGDC had identified priorities, assembled both land and assets and built partnerships, the report said. It also noted that the TTGDC’s Master Plan documents were seen as an example of how TTGDC is a positive force in Thurrock. Only one respondent favoured a merger of the Corporation into the HCA.

Forty four out of fifty eight respondents said they believed the Corporation had been either very or fairly successful at regenerating Thurrock.

Respondents also drew attention to the series of high profile and significant investments made by a range of investors in Thurrock.

“TTGDC is .regarded as playing an important role in terms of securing commercial opportunities of the highest quality for the borough,” the CLG report says. “This has renewed investor confidence in the borough, as evidenced through the emerging redevelopment plans for the future expansion of the Lakeside Basin. One respondent stated this “simply would not have happened without TTGDC”.” The Corporation had made itself available to companies at a senior level and ensured clear dialogue from the outset,” the report said.

“The review has demonstrated Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation

(TTGDC) to be an effective organisation well liked by its stakeholders and on the point of delivering real change,” the CLG report concluded.

Urban Development Corporations' Quinquennial Review - consultation: Summary of Responses.