The statutory purpose of the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (“the Development Corporation”) is to secure the regeneration of Thurrock. Therefore, the provision of new or enhanced social and physical infrastructure, in a timely manner, is fundamental and requires significant public and private sector investment.

For the Development Corporation to fulfil its statutory function, it is appropriate that it establishes an understanding of the infrastructure required to support the levels of growth required by the East of England Plan, and to set out an approach for securing such delivery.

Therefore, the Development Corporation has prepared a Planning Obligations Strategy (opens in a new window), which establishes a robust arrangement for securing an appropriate level of developer contributions towards the overall provision of strategic and local infrastructure. This is required to ensure that development and growth in Thurrock results in sustainable communities. A Planning Obligations Strategy - Technical Report (opens in a new window) has also been prepared.

The Planning Obligations Strategy forms part of the Development Corporation’s Regeneration Framework and will be afforded weight as a material planning consideration and will inform both negotiations on s106 planning agreements and decisions on planning applications.

Those planning applications validated by the Development Corporation after 6th April 2010 will be subject to the new Planning Obligations Strategy, and its new charging regime.

For any questions regarding to Planning Obligations Strategy please contact the Planning Department on 01708 895400.