Data Protection Fair Processing Notice

The Transfer of Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (TTGDC) responsibilities to Thurrock Council
Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation was established in 2005 to drive economic growth in Thurrock, create homes, jobs and opportunities and make Thurrock a place where people want to live and work. The Corporation was given the power to determine major planning applications to help achieve this. As part of its day to day responsibilities, the TTGDC would have obtained personal information about a number of individuals for the purpose of:
1.      Processing planning applications that fell within the TTGDC’s criteria for determination
2.      Consultation on planning decisions and the delivery of key projects
3.      Marketing mail shots and event invitations
4.      Freedom of Information enquiries
5.      Offering Community Fund grants
From the 1st April 2012, the TTGDC as an organisation will no longer exist, and its responsibilities will be transferred to Thurrock Council.  This will result in the secure transfer of all personal information collected by the TTGDC (for the above purposes) to the Council.
At the point of data transfer, the Council will process this information fairly and lawfully in-line with the Data Protection Act.  All personal information transferred will be held securely and this information will only be used for the original purpose that it was collected for by the TTGDC. 
If you have any questions regarding the transfer of personal data from the TTGDC to Thurrock Council, then please contact Lee Henley on 01375 652500 or email