Publications Scheme

Who we are and what we do

Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (the Corporation) is a non-departmental public body (NDPB) set up with the addenda and necessary powers to drive forward development in Thurrock.

We work with the key local players and partners in the area - including in the private sector, and offer means tailored to the local community to deal with the land assembly, master planning and local infrastructure. This helps to secure the comprehensive regeneration of Thurrock.

The legislation relevant to securing this work includes the Thurrock Development Corporation (Area and Constitution) Order 2003 (Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 2896) and the Thurrock Development Corporation (Planning Functions) Order 2005 (Statutory Instrument 2005 No. 2572).

For more information see the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation Organisational Structure.

Financial information

We produce an Annual Report every June that gives a complete review of the previous years financial statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and accounting policies. This report is certified by the Controller and Auditor General to the Houses of Parliament and the Corporation’s Board members. The Annual Report can be found in Publications.

Our in-year revenue and capital expenditure budgets can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and their release will be subject to a Public Interest test. These budgets will take the form of a quarterly report.

Financial statements for projects and events

Where our projects are identifiable, reports can be requested indicating actual expenditure against the original project budget. This information must be requested using a Freedom of Information Request and will be subject to the Public Interest test. Similarly where we have organised events (which have been publicised), the cost of the event is available upon request.

Board members’ allowances and expenses

The details of the allowances and expenses that can be either incurred or claimed are available by request from

This information is categorised by the following headings:

  • Travel.
  • Subsistence.
  • Accommodation.

The policy followed by the Corporation mirrors that of its sponsor department, Department for Communities and Local Government.

Pay and grading structures

The Corporation's Directors and the Chief Executive have salaries linked to the current market. Our Director and Chief Executive's salaries can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts.

Every grade up to and including Assistant Director has a salary range. Decisions about progression throughout the grade are made by the Executive team. Progression depends on demonstrating added value to us through increased skills, experience and responsibility.

We recruit staff at any point in the range for their grade, retaining the Corporation’s ability to be flexible with market conditions.

  Low (0%) High (100%) Bandwidth
Assistant Directors £55,000 £75,000 £20,000
Professional £35,000 £55,000 £20,000
Practitioner £20,000 £35,000 £15,000
Support/Administration £15,000 £28,000 £13,000

Lists of contracts awarded and their value

You may request a full and complete list of current contracts free of charge by contacting This list details all contracts that are sufficiently big enough to have been through a formal tender process.

What are our priorities and how are we doing?

The Corporate Plan is available via the Publications section of the Corporation’s website.

In summary, the Corporation will bring forward approximately 4,000 new jobs and 2,800 new dwellings in Thurrock by 2011. The Plan sets out in detail how we will deliver these targets through our five economic hubs; Lakeside and West Thurrock, Grays Town Centre, Purfleet, Tilbury and London Gateway, and our key housing sites.

We will ensure that Lakeside builds on its position as an important shopping destination and also expands its offer as a regional leisure destination. With our partners we plan to deliver new homes in West Thurrock over the next three years.

In Grays Town Centre we will strengthen the town’s position as the centre of the Borough with a new Higher Education campus, community hospital, improved public transport facilities and a revitalised riverside - linked to the town centre.

In Purfleet we will deliver a new centre to act as the heart of the community focused on a refreshed rail station, new local shops, primary school and health centre. The revitalisation of Purfleet will also include new homes and jobs. We will take forward our Royal Opera House Production Park project to provide cultural regeneration, new jobs and educational opportunities; including a national academy for performing arts skills.

In Tilbury new development will re-connect Tilbury with the River Thames. The Port of Tilbury will be able to expand and offer more jobs to benefit the town and wider area.

For London Gateway, we will build on the creation of the £1.5 billion world class container port and logistics park so that the people of Thurrock benefit from the investment.

Other reports and documentation

All of our publications, reports or studies (subject to exemption under the Freedom of Information Act), can be found in the Publications section.

Audits, inspections and reviews

You can request our documents for audits, inspections or review from the Corporation under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


How we make decisions

Major policy proposals and decisions

Major policy decisions are taken through consultation with key partners and the residents of Thurrock. Major policy is publicised on our website and can be found under Latest News.

Background information relating to major policy proposals and decisions

Information concerning the decisions that we make can be found by accessing the appropriate Master Plan area. Each of these areas will give details of our work being undertaken along with in-depth reports and studies.

Public Consultations

Details of consultation exercises can be found by accessing the relevant Master Plan area on the website. When a public consultation is active this will be posted under our Latest News.

Minutes, reports and papers from senior level meetings

You can access minutes from high level Planning meetings on our Application Search.

Papers from other meetings can be requested under the FOI and will be made available were appropriate.

Policies and procedures

  • A list of the policies around the Corporation’s legal obligations.
  • Other policies that are created and actively used by the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation can be requested free of charge at (subject to their availability under the Freedom of Information Act).

Our procedures around Master Plan or Design Brief consultations can alter depending on the exercise. Therefore Latest News will set out specific guidance.