Thurrock sits within the South Essex corridor of the Thames Gateway. Each of these sub-regions and regions has a number of organisations with responsibilities that integrate and complement our own. We work in partnership with them and within the overall framework set by the East of England Plan.

Thurrock Council (new window)

Thurrock is a unitary authority and the borough of Thurrock has its own council. While we have the goal of bringing economic benefit, jobs and houses to Thurrock, the Council has wider responsibilities to the local community, providing services and information. It is also responsible for planning applications below a certain size.

Thurrock Council also sets development strategy and has its own plan for the area, the Thurrock Borough Local Plan, adopted in 1997. This will be replaced by the Local Development Framework.

Communities and Local Government (CLG) and Central Government (new window)

At a national level the department to which we report is Communities and Local Government, responsible for a wide range of aspects of regeneration. A key publication for us is the Sustainable Communities Plan published in 2003. This sets out a long-term programme of action for housing in the South East, looking also more widely at how to create places which will prosper long term and in which people want to live.

East of England Development Agency (EEDA) (new window)

The East of England Development Agency drives development in the region and is responsible for the delivery of the regional strategy. It is one of a number of regional development agencies. We also work with SEEDA, the South East of England Development Agency (new window).

EEDA focuses on economic growth, working with partners and investing in large projects that will make a difference.

Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) (new window)

The Homes and Communities Agency is the national housing and regeneration delivery agency for England. Its priorities are to create thriving communities and affordable homes across the country. Therefore it has an important influence on our work and the way in which we operate. The HCA was set up in December 2008 to work with local authorities across all their housing and regeneration needs. The HCA replaced three previous organisations:  English Partnerships, the Housing Corporation’s investment arm and the Academy for Sustainable Communities.

Thames Gateway South Essex Partnership (new window)

The Thames Gateway South Essex Partnership is one of three development bodies in the Thames Gateway, together with the London and the Kent Thames Gateway Partnerships. All the authorities and agencies in the region support an annual Forum event, which aims to attract inward investors.

The Thames Gateway as a region is sponsored by the Department of Communities and Local Government: A plan for the area – the Thames Gateway Delivery Plan – was published in 2007.