The Corporation was set up by the government in 2003 to drive economic growth in Thurrock, creating jobs and opportunities and making Thurrock a place where people want to live and work.

Our role is to plan for the long term, guiding public and private investment into quality projects which are good for the local economy and the environment.

What are Development Corporations?

We are a public sector body, reporting to the Communities and Local Government department and working with other public sector organisations, including the Homes and Communities Agency.

Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation opened its doors at offices in Purfleet in 2005.

Our primary goals are to bring in and encourage economic growth – new businesses and jobs – and provide new housing.

We are also here to make Thurrock a better place to live, with the right facilities and green spaces.

We were set up with a corporate structure and an independent board of directors so that we can take action and make things happen in a way that other public bodies often can’t.

We help achieve change in four key ways in particular:

  • Make and approve plans for new developments in Thurrock. Without our vision for places like Lakeside – and our ability to take this ahead with Government - it would be hard for developers to take projects forward
  • Assemble, buy  and prepare land to make it fit for development. Our overview of the whole borough means we can assemble large, coherent and quality sites in a way that makes sense for the long term – sometimes by relocating existing businesses – in a way no single developer can. We also invest in preparing the land ready for developers to build on.
  • Bring in developers and partners or work with them on projects. We actively market Thurrock sites, bringing together partnerships and structures that make it possible for private sector developers to work with local public bodies effectively
  • We give grants or provide funding. With £30m of government money a year for capital projects, we can help get projects off the ground and enable worthwhile local initiatives as well as purchasing land or buildings. We are able to share risk and returns with private sector developers to ensure vital projects happen.